Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lesson 3 – Just a little bit more






Give customers a little bit more;  Let them have a little bit more;
Business will be a little bit more; Your earning will be a little bit more.

Tolerate a little bit more; Let others win a little bit more;
Collaboration will be a little bit more; You will enjoy a little bit more.

Be patient a little more; Let the pace slow down a little more;
Feel good a little bit more; You will be healthy a little bit more.

Lower expectation a little bit more; Let life be simple a little bit more;
Trouble will reduce a little bit more; You can relax a little bit more.

Each day, learn a little bit more; Let yourself improve a little bit more;
Your wisdom will grow a little bit more; You will progress a little bit more.

Hope everyone can do a little bit more; Let us share a little bit more;
Our society will care a little bit more; And the world will be peaceful a little bit more.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lesson 2 – Be Patient and Step-by-Step towards Greater Success

 Life is just like going up a flight of steps. Every step leads to a higher level. Each step is one step closer to success. Be patient and step-by-step working towards greater success in our life !
人生就像爬梯级一样, 一步比一步高, 一级比一级更接近成功。用耐心,一步一步攀上我们人生更高峰吧

Question to Ponder Are you ready to take your first step ?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lesson 1 – Knowing and Understanding the Different Stages in Life

Life is actually a journal of different stages from 0 to 3, to 9, to 18, to 30, to 45, to 63, etc. Each stage in life is uniquely different. Also, we live each stage of life once ! Hence, do enjoy the beauty of each stage of life !  Live every day of life to the fullest with no regrets as life moves on regardless whether we like it or not. Remember life is an on-going journey with no ‘stops’. As we grow and progress in life, we bounce to greater success through learning and gaining more knowledge, skills and experience.

人生其实是个历程,从出世到三岁,九岁,十八岁,三十岁,四十五岁,六十三岁……每一个人生阶段都不同,而且,每个阶段我们也仅走一回, 所以,我们要享受每个阶段的乐趣!人生不要留白,要活得充实,不要有遗憾和后悔。时光飞逝,岁月不留人,随着人生的成长,不断学习,提高技能,增长知识,累计经验,勇敢攀上人生更高峰!

Question to Ponder Which stage of life are you in ? What is so special about it ? Are you living it to the fullest ? 想一想:你正在人生的哪一个阶段?这阶段有什么特别?你是否活得充实?