Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lesson 7 : A Small Little Mouse Can Also Defeat the Elephant

一天,一只小老鼠遇到一只大象。大象看了小老鼠一眼,不屑地说:“你这没用的小东西。我一脚就能踩扁你!” 小老鼠听了很不服气,就向大象挑战:“我一定能赢你!” 大象听了,哈哈大笑!


第二天,大象一不小心落入了猎人的巨网中,拼命挣扎,还是无法逃脱。小老鼠看见了,心想这是我报仇的好机会! 不如我乘机咬这支可恶的大象一口,让它尝一尝我老鼠的厉害。正当老鼠张口想咬,它却于心不忍。最后,它决定用锋利的牙齿把网咬破,救出大象。大象逃出巨网后,和小老鼠成为朋友,并对它说:“你赢了!”


One day, a little mouse met an elephant. The elephant looked down at the little mouse and teased, "What an useless little thing you are ! I can simply step on you and crush you into a pancake !" The little mouse was furious and challenged the elephant, "I ​​can win you too ! " The elephant simply roared into laughter.

To prove its point, the little mouse racked its brain trying to find a certain way to win the elephant. A little while later, when the elephant was not paying attention, the little mouse quickly dashed into the nostril of the elephant, trying to stop it from breathing and subduing it. The elephant sneezed forcefully and sent the little mouse flying high into the sky. The little mouse fell heavily to the ground with a loud “thud”. Its body ached terribly and it experienced the seemingly undefeatable power of the elephant.  The elephant walked away proudly with its head in the air.

The next day, the elephant accidentally fell into the giant net of the hunter. It struggled violently trying to escape but to no avail. The little mouse saw what happened and thought to itself,What a good opportunity to seek revenge ! I can give this nasty elephant a big bite and let it experiencing my power !”  Though the little mouse was eager to win the elephant, it felt sorry for the elephant. Finally, it decided to use its sharp teeth to bite through the net to rescue the elephant.  After escaping from the giant net, the elephant made friends with the little mouse and said, "You've won!"

Just like the little mice, everyone has his/her worthiness. No matter what his/her social status or position in the organisation, everyone can make that little contribution. Do not underestimate yourself. Ordinary people can have their chance of success too !

Friday, June 1, 2012

Lesson 6 : Use Your Strengths and Run like the Hare.  
第六课: 善加利用自己的长处,像野兔一样奔跑。




Once upon a time, a young tiger went up the mountain for its first hunting trial. It saw a hare in the bushes nearby, and ran after it quickly. Frightened by the sudden attack, the hare immediately ran uphill. Determined to catch the hare, the young tiger thought, "By running desperately up the hill, this stupid hare will eventually get itself exhausted and I will be able to catch with ease." The tiger ran after the hare closely but the hare ran even faster, and eventually disappeared in the mountain terrain.

After chasing the hare for a long distance, the young tiger was tired and hungry. It failed to catch the hare, and went home sadly. After knowing the first encounter of the young tiger, the mother tiger smiled and said, "You have chased the hare in the wrong direction! The hare, with its short front legs and long hind legs, has an advantage in running upwards. It will be easier to catch the hare downhill as it will be unable to use the power of its long hind legs, causing it to tumble easily.”  

Just like the hare, we should make good use of our strengths to improve ourselves, overcome obstacles ahead and strive towards greater success.