Friday, June 1, 2012

Lesson 6 : Use Your Strengths and Run like the Hare.  
第六课: 善加利用自己的长处,像野兔一样奔跑。




Once upon a time, a young tiger went up the mountain for its first hunting trial. It saw a hare in the bushes nearby, and ran after it quickly. Frightened by the sudden attack, the hare immediately ran uphill. Determined to catch the hare, the young tiger thought, "By running desperately up the hill, this stupid hare will eventually get itself exhausted and I will be able to catch with ease." The tiger ran after the hare closely but the hare ran even faster, and eventually disappeared in the mountain terrain.

After chasing the hare for a long distance, the young tiger was tired and hungry. It failed to catch the hare, and went home sadly. After knowing the first encounter of the young tiger, the mother tiger smiled and said, "You have chased the hare in the wrong direction! The hare, with its short front legs and long hind legs, has an advantage in running upwards. It will be easier to catch the hare downhill as it will be unable to use the power of its long hind legs, causing it to tumble easily.”  

Just like the hare, we should make good use of our strengths to improve ourselves, overcome obstacles ahead and strive towards greater success.

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