Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lesson 5 : Always Be Ready !
第五课:随时准备好 !


骆驼笑着说:“这是因为主人随时会要我在沙漠行走。沙漠里没草没水,而吃干草肚子比较不会饿。明白了吗?” 小山羊点点头:“我明白了,原来您是为了随时接到出发的任务而准备。”


One day, a little goat was eating grass with a camel. While the little goat was enjoying the fresh and green grass, the camel was eating the dry and tasteless hay. Curiously, the little goat asked, “Mr. Camel, why are you eating the dry and tasteless hay instead of the fresh and green grass ?”

“Oh...It is because I may be required to cross the desert anytime. There is little water and food available in the desert. Hay will fill my stomach for a longer period of time. Do you understand ?”  replied the camel smilingly. The little goat nodded, “Oh I see. You are always ready and prepared for mission !”

Just like the camel, we should always upgrade our capabilities, be prepared for new opportunities and challenges, and ready to achieve greater success at work and in life ! 

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