Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lesson 4 : The Success Story of a Little Ant - Trying a New Path to Greater Success 第四课:小工蚁成功的故事- 勇于寻找属于自己成功的机会

On one hot afternoon, a group of strong and mighty ants found a big piece of bone under a tree by the riverside. They immediately rushed forward and tried their best biting, tearing, pulling and dragging it using their strong teeth and muscles. They pushed and shoved for the best part of the bone. Soon, more ants came and the entire bone was swarmed by the mighty ants.

At this moment, a small little ant came by. Though it went around and tried its very best to squeeze through the crowd, the big bone was simply beyond its reach. Sadly and reluctantly, it decided to look elsewhere. Not long later, to its surprise, it found a small juicy piece of meat at a nearby tree. With great joy, it brought back its surprise ‘finding’ home.

While everyone was busy fighting over the big piece of bone, no one actually noticed the small juicy piece of meat. As the small little ant was willing to try and search for other opportunities, it found its success. 

There are plenty of opportunities to succeed in life. Whatever everyone is busy pursuing may not be the best. Do try a new path to find your greater success in life.

原来,正当工蚁们全神贯注地忙着搬大骨头时,谁也没发现就在附近的美味小肥肉。小工蚁愿意去尝试寻找, 让他得到了属于自己的小肥肉。这世界也一样,成功的机会很多。有时很多人争先恐后抢着要的未必是最好的。不妨给自己一个机会,选择尝试寻找属于自己的小肥肉。

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